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More questions for all quizzes.
2 March 2015
Totally REVISED - 40 questions about the GIMP - the easy way to learn about doing graphics on Linux. (The quiz was always there ;-) )
27 Febuary 2015
UPDATE - Yet more questions for From The Shell and split them into 3 levels and changed a few of the older questions.
18 Febuary 2015
NEW QUIZ - Linux WiFi
10 Febuary 2015
UPDATE - The Linux Expert Quiz now has a second level with more questions.
Score at least 40/50 to reach them.
10 August 2014
More questions.
14 September 2013
New look graphics and all new images for the Starters quiz along with some updated questions.
12 October 2010
UPDATE - The Linux Starters Quiz for beginners now has 100 questions.
15 May 2010
UPDATE - The Linux Shell Quiz now has 100 questions and a few images too. Test your knowledge of grep, sort, top, ps, touch, chmod etc.
7 March 2010
UPDATE - More questions and images for Linux History Quiz and Linux Starters Quiz.
27 December 2009
UPDATE - A few more questions for SHELL and some new desktop backgrounds.
06 October 2009
UPDATE - New questions for Starters, History, Shell and Expert quizzes.
30 August 2009
NEW QUIZ - Expert
17 May 2009
Linux quizzes - the beginning: Starters, History, From The Shell