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15 May 2016
NEW - Words 2 QUIZ - If you already have the basics add some depth with this advanced vocabulary quiz. Be careful, a lousy score will be ZERO-ED! at 10, 20 and 30. Score well to reach beyond first level.
25 September 2015
A 4th level and another 50 - Verbs - Level 1 is now divided into two. The old Level 2 is now Level 3. A few of the old questions have been changed. Total 4 levels and 200 verbs. Score over 120 to reach 4th Level.
1 July 2015
NEW - THEME QUIZ - Test your vocabulary of food, clothes and people. Get a good score at 20 and 40 to reach next level. Be careful, a lousy score will now be ZERO-ED! at 5, 10 or 20 and RESET at 40!
15 Febuary 2015
Technical change for - Words - Split the first level of 200 questions into two levels of 100 questions each. Score 50 and 100 to up a level. So a great result would be 300/300 every time (and every time is a little bit different).
17 January 2015
A new third level for - Animals - Now you can teach yourself the names of marine animals in Swedish.
9 August 2014
Easy new quiz to get you started with Swedish - Animals - Teach yourself the names of land animals and birds in Swedish.
7 August 2014
Have fun with this new quiz - Odd One Out - You have four words, which one is the ODD ONE OUT and has nothing to do with the other words? Put your knowledge of Swedish vocabulary to the test in a fun way.
21 May 2013
A few more questions for the first level of the Phrases quiz. A bit more grammar and a bit more vocabulary.
23 February 2013
Yet more questions for the second level of the Adjective quiz. From adlig to överflödig.
15 July 2012
The Phrase Quiz now has a second level with more easy questions to test your grammar and vocabulary. Score well to see the second series.
20 January 2011
The Adjective Quiz now has a second level with more (and more difficult) questions, from ansvarslös(irresponsible) to ödmjuk(superfluous). Score well at 50 to see the second series.
26 November 2010
The Verb Quiz now has a second level with more questions, from bogsera to välja. Score well at 100 to see the second series.
6 May 2010
The Word Quiz now has 200 questions on the second level making a total of 400 on two levels.
4 March 2010
NEW - OVERKNIGHT QUIZ - Prepare to read the OverKnight story with this quiz.
The OverKnight is a tale which changes every time you read it. If you are Swedish and want to improve your English reading, the OverKnight and its Quiz, is a story for you.
27 December 2009
UPDATE for Swedish English Word Quiz. Test your Swedish-English vocabulary.
22 November 2009
More simple phrases for Swedish English Phrases Quiz. The easy way to learn Swedish. (or English if you are Swedish)
27 October 2009
UPDATE for Swedish English Key Word Quiz and Swedish English Adjective Quiz. Both quizzes now have 100 questions each.
25 October 2009
UPDATE for Swedish English Word Quiz. Lots more questions on the second level. Should be a bit harder.
5 April 2009
2nd level for Swedish English Word Quiz (just like Advanced English Grammar Quiz)
with another 100 questions
28 February 2009
Update Swedish English Adjective Quiz, number of questions are now 80.
13 January 2009
NEW QUIZ ! - Swedish Adjectives