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21 April 2016
NEW 3rd level with another 50 Verbs. Plus a new twist... terrible scores with be ZERO-ED at 30 and 50 and RESET at 150! Test yourself on the 250 most common Italian verbs. Can you reach 200?
22 July 2015
New Theme Quiz - the trickest Italian vocabulary quiz yet. Too many mistakes and you'll be ZERO-ED! before you reach the next Theme. The Themes are: food, clothes, people, world and sailing and more people. Can you reach 60?

3 November 2014
Second level for Slang Quiz - with X level questions you'll only ever see if you get a good score out of 100 on General Slang first. The vocabulary italians learn at school but not in class, that's level X!
NOTE: If your score is not good, you will be ZERO-ED! at 10, 20, 50 and 100.

4 July 2014
Second level for Odd One Out Quiz - and another 50 questions.

25 June 2014
NEW: Odd One Out Quiz - a fun way to find out how well you know Italian-English vocabulary. More levels to follow.

26 February 2013
Yet more questions for the Phrases Quiz - learn more fine points of Italian grammar by doing.

1 September 2012
A second level for the Phrases Quiz - Score well to see next level.

7 August 2011
More questions for the third level for the Word Quiz - Can you score 190 out of 200?

8 July 2011
A third level for the Word Quiz - Score 50 to see level two and 100 to reach level three. There are now 464 questions to test your Italian-English vocabulary. Can you score 150/150 every time?

27 September 2010
More questions for the Moda Quiz - Vocabulary quiz for students of moda.

28 May 2010
NEW: Slang Quiz - find out how well you know Italian English slang. English slang for Italians, from bonkers and chin wag to rollicking and willies.

19 May 2010
Yet more questions for the Phrases Quiz - Simple phrases to learn the ABC of Italian (or English if you are Italian).

19 May 2010
The total number of questions for the Italian English Word Quiz is now 400. The first series has 200 questions on basic Italian English vocabulary. The second series has another 200 questions.

19 April 2010
UPDATE for the Adjective Quiz - it now has a second level with more difficult/advanced adjectives. Da 'accattivante' a 'vuoto' and from 'abrupt' through 'lackadaisical' to 'wretched'.
Score well at 50 to see it.

26 February 2010
UPDATE for the OverKnight Quiz - the quiz for Italians learning to read English. There are now 100 questions to practise on, before starting to read the OverKnight Tale.

8 February 2010
New TOP SCORE for the OverKnight Quiz - 682/820. (but there were only 50 questions! ;-)

4 February 2010
NEW: Adjective Quiz - da 'affamato' a 'vivo' and from 'accurate' to 'young'.

1 November 2009
New TOP SCORE for Italian Word Quiz - 384/400. (Linux users just do it better ;-) Beats old record of 333/400.

20 September 2009
The total number of questions for the Italian English Verb Quiz is now 200. The first series still has 100 questions on Italian English verbs. The new second series has another 100 (harder) questions on Italian English verbs. You can them see from question 50, if your score is high enough.

04 September 2009
Computer Idea - - publish a review of and visits from Italy increase.