Monkey and Donkey Tales
The Trap

The Monkey and the Donkey were in trouble as never before. The barbarians were storming the castle and soon they would climb over the walls and knock down the gate. As if this wasn't bad enough, the beasts had escaped from their cages. They drooled as they surrounded the Monkey and the Donkey. Such juicy meat! Even worst was to come. Soon the sun would set and the tombs would open. It was  also raining cats and dogs and the ground was now a muddy swamp.
    A six legged beast grabbed the Monkey and tried to stuff her down a long throat in one gulp. The Monkey struggled in vain. After a kick from the Donkey, the Monkey was dropped... in the shit. A giant insect caught the Donkey and tried to suck her like a drink. A quick spray from the Monkey chased the insect away. Some barbarians dropped over the walls. The beasts feasted on them.
    The Monkey hopped over something with claws and a stinger. A big hairy beast bore down on the Donkey. The Donkey turned her back and let loose a really big one (must have been all the beans she had eaten the night before). The hairy beast gagged, clutched it's throat and fell to the ground. The Donkey grinned and the Monkey held her nose (very tightly) while dodging a charging beast.
    A giant barbarian swung an enormous axe at the head of the Donkey. The Donkey ducked and hopped aside. The Monkey climbed over the body of a fallen beast. A loud crash announced the surrender of the gate. A horde of barbarians stormed into the courtyard, slashing and chopping beasts right and left. At the same time the beasts clawed, chewed and sucked away the barbarians. The Monkey and Donkey tried to slip away in the confusion. Alas, just then the sun set. A blanket of darkness swept over everything.
    Blood-curdling screams from somewhere in the depths of the castle froze barbarians and beasts alike in their tracks. It was now colder than a tomb. A cold shiver ran down the backs of the Monkey and the Donkey. They all held their breath. Out of the dark crept...