Monkey and Donkey Tales
The Ship

    Yet again, the Monkey and the Donkey were in trouble. Deep trouble. The Donkey was tied belly down to the bow of the ship and her belly was almost touching the surface of the sea. Up and down she rode with the waves, feeling ever more a little sea sick.
    High above and tied fast and to the highest mast, the Monkey hung head down. Something white and sticky hit the Monkey, then another... in the face. The Monkey stopped gnawing on the ropes for an instant. She looked around and then up. A circling group of seagulls were having some target practice.
    The sun was setting when the Monkey finally broke free. She crept silently down the mast, fuming at the memory of seagulls. Far below, pirates patrolled up and down the main deck.
    Silently the Monkey crept up behind the first pirate. An apple was stuffed in his mouth so he couldn't scream. He was then stuffed head down into a barrel and the barrel tossed overboard. Another six pirates followed the first in the same way. It was hard work but the Monkey was light pawed and as strong as an ox (or maybe a donkey).
    The Donkey was feeling a bit green. The ship was heaving and so was the Donkey's stomach. Heaving and heaving. The Donkey tried desperately to control her uprising stomach. Just then, the Monkey came rushing to free the Donkey. The Donkey stared. Why was the Monkey covered in white sticky stuff? A Donkey stomach understood seconds before a Donkey brain. The Donkey brain tried to give the counter-order but the stomach was faster. Heave Ho...
    The Monkey was not pleased. She continued to wipe herself off as she came back up on deck. That bath was at least one month too early, she steamed. She grabbed the helm and ignored the laments from the bow of the ship. A rough storm was coming so she pulled on a cloak and pulled up the hood. The laments were more desperate now. It would be a long night.