Monkey and Donkey Tales
The Horde

    The Monkey and the Donkey ran as fast as they could. They were followed by a horde of angry beasts. The angry beasts howled as if to say; “stop! stop! lunch, stop and be eaten!” “Not likely !! replied the Monkey and Donkey in unison and ran faster.
    Something bit the Donkey on the tail. The Donkey yelled and kicked. The something yelled louder and released the tail. Soon they came to a narrow river. The Donkey ran straight across and the Monkey swung across with a vine. They looked behind and saw that many of the beasts had stopped by the river. Maybe they were safe now?
    Oh no! a few of the beasts had crossed the river. They were the biggest ones. The ones with the sharpest teeth and longest claws. Panting, they began to run again. They ran through a dark forest. They turned to look as they heard a scream from behind. One of the beasts lay dead. As they watched another beast was hit by another arrow and it fell. Maybe they were safe now?
    An arrow whizzed by the long ears of the Donkey and another just missed the Monkey. It was now raining arrows. With a yell they leaped off the path and into the thick of the trees. They ducked and swerved. Suddenly they stopped. Before them stood a hunter with an arrow pointed right at them. Was this the end?
    Before they could move or even blink, the hunter sailed into the air screaming. Screaming because... they blinked, he was being carried off by a giant spider. The spider had eight big hungry red eyes and they were all looking at the Donkey and the Monkey. They were asking, “are these good to eat?”
    Monkey and Donkey ran off again, as all around giant spiders sailed down and hunters were carried up screaming. They came to a small clearing. On all sides they were surrounded by giant spiders. This looked like the end.
    The Monkey reached into a bag and pulled out a small green bottle. The Monkey sprayed the Donkey. The Donkey took the bottle and sprayed the Monkey. The giant spiders took one whiff and fled. “What...?” began the Donkey. The Monkey smiled and just said... “Cat perfume”.