Monkey and Donkey Tales
The Crypt

    The Monkey and the Donkey proceeded slowly along the dark corridor. It felt like they had been walking for hours. The lone torch did not provide much light. The floor was dirty and covered with things they did not want to step in. Still, the Donkey was feeling better now. She almost felt like singing, but the Monkey begged her not to. The Monkey felt very uneasy and kept looking over her shoulder. Were the paintings on the walls watching them? What was that scratching noise?
    The torch flickered and died out. The darkness closed in. What could they do now. The Donkey yelled and pointed to a faint light. They walked towards it, following steps down and down. At last they came to a chamber.
    The chamber was full of dusty stone tombs and rotting wooden coffins. Oh no! they were in a crypt. The Monkey shivered but the Donkey only yawned loudly. Almost loudly enough to wake the dead. “I feel sleepy”. In an instant she was stretched over a tomb and snoring loudly. The Monkey could only stare at the sleeping Donkey open mouthed.
    Suddenly she could hear a faint scratching sound. It came from the tomb on which the donkey was sleeping. The scratching became louder. The stone tomb lid seemed to move. The Monkey stared, unable to react. The tomb lid had moved! Worse! it was still moving! The Donkey was being carried to one side as the tomb slowly opened.
    The Monkey shook the Donkey roughly, but still, she slept on. Noises were now rising from the other tombs. Desperate the Monkey reached into her Dung pouch (useful for emergencies like this), grabbed a pawful of dung and stuffed it up the Donkey's nostrils. The Donkey sniffed, gagged, choked and woke up all at once.
    Without waiting a second, she grabbed the Donkey by the (long) ears and dragged her away and far, as fast as she could. Some moments later, the Donkey sniffed and proclaimed “hey Monkey! you sure need a bath!” With her best “I'm so innocent look”, the Monkey replied with a nod, casually wiping her right paw on the Donkey's (ever so smelly) back.