Monkey and Donkey Tales
The Castle

    The Monkey and the Donkey slowed down. They were safe now but both were feeling very hungry. Stomachs rumbled and grumbled. They came to a village. It was shrouded in mist and abandoned. They went on. After a long while they came to a castle.
    The castle was big, dark and spooky. “Let's see if there is something to eat here”, said the Donkey. “I don't think that would be a good idea”, replied the Monkey, shivering just a bit. The Monkey blinked. The Donkey was already crossing the drawbridge. The Monkey hurried to catch up. Someone is missing a spot of good sense! she fumed.
    Together they passed under the sharp teeth of the portcullis, along a long passageway and into a small courtyard. They saw and heard nobody and nothing. It seemed to be a ghost castle. They passed under another portcullis and into a very big courtyard with many stables. Stables without horses.
    They came to a big tower or keep. Steps led up. The way was clear. The Monkey rushed after the Donkey. The Donkey moved as if she could smell food. They came to a great hall full of empty suits of armour. More steps led up. Up they went again. Swords, spears, daggers and shields hung from the walls. The Monkey had the odd feeling the suits of armour were watching them. The steps led to a long hallway, which led into a great hall full of long tables.
    The Donkey yelled with delight. One of the tables was covered with food. “Be careful,” said the Monkey, “perhaps the food is poisoned or bad.” But the Donkey was not listening. The Donkey picked up and ate a chicken drumstick. Her already long ears became longer. The Donkey saw a cream cake and stuffed it down her throat without pausing. The Monkey watched in silence as the Donkey's butt became even bigger.
    The Donkey noticed she was being watched and stopped long enough to mutter, “what's up?” The Monkey smiled and just said, “nothing, nothing at all”. The Donkey blinked three times... once with each eye and went on eating.