Monkey and Donkey Tales
The Cage

    The Monkey and the Donkey were in trouble. Deep trouble! They were locked inside a wooden cage. As if this wasn't bad enough, the cage hung over a snake pit, at the centre of which burned a roaring fire. To make matters worse, the rope supporting the cage was on fire. It would not be long before the rope snapped and the cage fell into the fire or amongst the snakes. Nice choice! This was not so much deep trouble as high trouble.
    Suddenly the cage shook. The Monkey turned and stared at the Donkey. The Donkey was rocking back and forth. Stop it! yelled the Monkey, you will snap the rope! The Donkey stared back, kept on rocking and for a reply, just hee hawed. The Monkey thought for a second. Monkeys are usually smarter than Donkeys (or so thought monkeys). Then the Monkey began to help the Donkey rocking back and forth. They were going to fall. They couldn't change that, but they could do one thing... Take a chance!
    The cage swung back and forth over the pit in an ever bigger arc. Over the fire, over the snakes, over the fire again, over the snakes, over the edge. Now! yelled the Donkey and Monkey in unison. Together they jumped up and down with all the force they could find. The rope snapped and the cage flew through the air. In unison the Donkey and Monkey screamed. With a crack the cage hit the ground, just missing the pit. It rolled madly, before smashing to pieces against a stone wall.
    The Monkey and Donkey staggered to their feet, heads still spinning wildly. That was fun! murmured the Donkey as she bounce against a wall. Yeah! replied the Monkey sarcastically, still counting the stars spinning round her head. Let's do it again someday. Up from dark corridors, rose the sound of guards rushing to investigate.
    Now, how can we get out of here? began the Monkey. The Donkey pointed her big nose towards a round hole in a dark corner. Kid you? That stinks like, moaned the Monkey holding her dainty nose, a sew... She stopped in mid-word and stared at the empty space, occupied until half a second ago, by the Donkey. Nuts! Seconds later one plop was followed by a second plop!