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About the Advanced English Quizzes

These quizzes are for intermediate to advanced ESL EFL students of English. In total, there are 2225 multiple-choice questions to try. They can help you prepare for exams such as the Cambridge First Certificate, IELTS and GSCE. Some of the quizzes have a second (or more) level, with another series of questions, that can be reached by getting a good score. This section also contains printable English exercises for grammar and vocabulary.

  • The 520 questions spread over 5 levels in the GRAMMAR quiz covers verb tenses, prepostions, adjectives, adverbs, the passive, the conditionals and much more. It is perhaps a good place to start.
  • The PHRASAL VERB quiz does phrasal verbs (let up, let down, let off, let on, etc) and has 420 questions spread over 3 levels.
  • The ODD ONE OUT quiz is for testing your vocabulary. It has 320 questions spread over 3 levels. Remember you are not looking for the right answer but for the odd one out.
  • The CHANGES quiz will help those doing the Cambridge PET Paper 3 Use of English.
  • The OH! WHAT! quiz is the most difficult quiz and will test your knowledge of English and humour to its limits.
  • The REPLACEMENT quiz for testing and expanding your vocabulary.
  • The ACTION quiz for reading practise and increasing your vocabulary.
  • The SLANG quiz has 180 questions on British Slang.
  • Have fun with the WORD CRAFT advanced vocabulary quiz.

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