Word Order II

1. They always go to work by hot air balloon. 

2. He did his homework and also read a book. 
2. He read a book and also did his homework. 

3. She hardly ever brushes her teeth and rarely has a bath. 
3. She rarely brushes her teeth and hardly ever has a bath. 

4. He was feeling thirsty and he was also as hot as a volcano. 
4. He was feeling as hot as a volcano and he was also thirsty. 

5. I probably won't finish in time. 

6.  I will probably  not be ready in time. 

7. After the meal she cooked we all fell ill. 
7. We all fell ill after the meal she cooked. 

8. Both the bathroom and the cloakroom are occupied. 
8. The bathroom and the cloakroom are both occupied. 

9. We are all ready for the party tomorrow night. ( n.b. NOT - 'tomorrow night party' ! ) 

10. I have never seen one and I hope I never will.