Word Order I

1. Have you ever seen a pink elephant fly?. 

2. When I came back he was still working. 
2. He was still working when I came back. 

3. She hadn't yet finished when the sun set. 

4. He always put ( on* ) his socks on* before his shoes. 

5. He never had a coffee before retiring for the night. 

6. It always rained in June and it never did in August. 

7. It was always raining when he went to the beach. 
7. He always went to the beach when it was raining. 

8. It was snowing heavily when he found the log cabin. 
8. When he found the log cabin it was snowing heavily. 

9. It had never snowed heavily the night before Christmas.. 

10. She always jumped up screaming madly when she saw a mouse.