Odd One Out II

a. face gesture

a. write with

a. meat

a. intelligent

a. verb-noise

a. very cold

a. male

a. search

a. tree

a. cord-type

a. look

a. sphere

a. happy

a. mole

a. not spend

a. air-weather

a. magic

a. head-brain

a. meat

a. cup

b. face gesture

b. write with

b. meat

b. intelligent

b. verb-noise

b. very cold

b. dame

b. search

b. growl

b. cord-type

b. stink

b. sphere

b. happy

b. bird

b. spend

b. air-weather

b. magic

b. head-brain

b. meat

b. saucer

c. face gesture

c. write with

c. meat

c. intelligent

c. verb-noise

c. scorching

c. male

c. search

c. tree

c. knot

c. look

c. sphere

c. gloomy

c. bird

c. not spend

c. air-weather

c. magic

c. head-brain

c. vinegar

c. cup

d. tap

d. ink

d. sheep

d. intelligent

d. bell

d. very cold

d. male

d. search

d. tree

d. cord-type

d. look

d. dish

d. happy

d. bird

d. not spend

d. air-weather

d. handicraft

d. head-brain

d. meat

d. cup

e. face gesture

e. write with

e. meat

e. dull

e. verb-noise

e. very cold

e. male

e. locate

e. tree

e. cord-type

e. look

e. sphere

e. happy

e. bird

e. not spend

e. tide

e. magic

e. no matter

e. meat

e. cup